Wednesday, 9 December 2009

The Love of a Sloegasm

A rather short tale for you today, you will have to forgive me, I am suffering ever so slightly from last nights events.

Our very jolly new friends down the lane invited us for dinner which is delightful for more than one reason, firstly the hostess is a fabulous cook and secondly we can walk, which means we can both have a few tipples. Off we ambled down the lane towards our dinner destination and we marvelled at how refreshing it was to be meeting new people (the other guests), walking, and the lack of fretting in deciding what to wear, as dinner at home in the country is so very different from London, and is a far more relaxed event, the men (mostly) wear cords, or moleskin trousers, check shirts and some form of loafers, handsome husband, being a traditionalist in mens attire is very happy with this, particularly as he owns many pairs of brown suede loafers, which to me all the look the same, but he assures me there are subtle differences. I settled for a pair of navy Marc Jacobs cords and a Gaby Harris navy lightweight sweater, a string of pearls with earrings to match, and a pair of navy suede tods, so handsome husband and I were both in suede shoes.

We arrived punctually at the allotted time and were greeted by our hosts and their guests. The log fire was burning, and tempting smells were wafting from the kitchen. Our jackets were taken and hung in the boot room and we were guided into the drawing room for drinks. Our host offered handsome husband a drink who requested a beer, he then approached me eyes twinkling and asked if I would like a Sloegasm. I am a woman who has lived life to the full, having partied my way through my late teens, and twenties, in various cities around the world and feel that I have experienced all that I have wanted to (let's just leave it at that), so being offered a drink I have never heard of came as a surprise and of course I accepted with some excitement. A few minutes later my host returned with a sparkling jewel coloured gem served in a cool crystal glass, I took a small gulp and was instantly won over by this intriguing liquid, a cocktail of homemade pink sloe gin topped with Champagne.

I really can't tell you anything further about our evening as it is all quite a haze now, but handsome husband swears that I did not misbehave in any way, was not rude to anyone, and was an absolute lady throughout the dinner, what ever happened on our return home has, however, kept a smile on his face all day, thank goodness I would hate to let my standards slip.

To find out how to make your own sloe gin take a peek at Sloe Biz and then top with a little Champagne.


English Rose ♥ said...

i hope you recover!!!

that drink looked yum - i don't blame you!

I did indeed have an interview for Kings College - which one did your husband go to?

Stay safe and chic
English Rose x

Anonymous said...

OMG, it's time for Christmas drinks, that sloegasm sounds lethal!

Tights Lover said...

That sounds great. I'm going to try to make one of these!

Nerdic.. said...

That sounds great! Will give it a try!
X, fashionnerdic.


Hi darling, I've been so busy lately, sorry for the late response! Your blog is allways amazing

The Bible of fashion,

Lady MacB said...

I chuckled a little when I saw your comment on my blog, because I stopped by your blog for the first time yesterday and thought "This girl is so cool!" Looking forward to reading your adventures on my blogroll.

The villager: said...

Homemade pink sloe gin topped with champagne sounds just the ticket !

Kelly said...

Oh, that is what I have been drinking all weekend since we strained this years sloe gin. We call it a Wonky Monkey though! I had no idea that is what it was called. Yummy either way!

Anonymous said...

You can buy it - made with English sparkling wine and english sloe gin - it is fantastic -

Blocked Drain London said...

I will have to make one of these soon! Looks fantastic.


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