Saturday, 27 August 2011

Farewell My Lovelies

Darling ones, it has been a terribly long time since I have written a single word or communicated with the online, virtual world. I have a jolly good reason though. Before I explain, I will firstly say that it is with great sadness that I must say farewell, this will be my last entry.

In past entries, I have expressed an interest in politics and at the beginning of this year I was head-hunted to represent the good people of my ward at District Council level, and stand for public office in the May local election. Well I felt honoured to be given this opportunity, so with my usual enthusiasm and vigor I began my campaign, and I bloody well won, I beat off the opposition with grace and charm and an elegant array of appropriate outfits (thank you Joseph), manicured nails and bouncy blow-dries. I knew I was in with a chance as I glided around the district and raised admiring glances as I chatted to residents while out canvassing, they smiled and said how refreshing it was to meet a young (oh thank you Dr Zelens) woman who would understand the needs of local people with young families.

Election night was terrifying and exciting as we watched the Count as ballot papers were tipped onto the table, I felt nervous and hoped I had done enough pavement pounding, and I clutched Handsome Husbands hand as they began to sift through the little bits of paper. He was confident and kept telling me it was a no brainer as I was gorgeous, intelligent and far better looking than the opposition. As the night went on, and the results began to role in, it was clear there was a great big blue swing and I began to feel a little more hopeful and at 5am on May 6th this year it was announced to the world, that I had won my seat. I cannot begin to explain the sheer joy and feeling of triumph I felt, it is a moment I shall never forget.

So I won, and I have been getting my feet under the table, making my mark, and taking my role extremely seriously as there is much work to be done, people to help, places to go, and meetings to attend, and time is very short. Life will be a little more serious for me, and I think it is what I have been searching for for some time. I'm good at this, I have come in with fresh eyes and a commercial view and I do believe things can be done if you put your mind to it.

North West London Girl in The Country has found her place in the world, and it is a happy and fulfilled one.


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