Friday, 21 August 2009

Standing Appointment

I have found a handy little salon, which I can walk to (in the right shoes) in about 2 minutes. I have been spying on it from the little blue cafe I found which sells perfect lattes and delicious pannini. I didn't want to go directly in, as it could have been embarrassing to simply turn round and walk out, if I didn't like what I saw ie. ladies in plastic caps having hair pulled through for highlights, so I watched, while sipping and stuffing, making sure to place myself at the right table for a birds eye view of the exit door of said salon.
I was pleasantly surprised, as ladies were going in looking, well I'll be kind, they looked average, and came out looking really quite lovely, with proper shiny locks, that had obviously been blow dried and had not been sat under some steaming weird drier that pulls out from the wall.
Then a wonderous moment, one of these ladies came out with not only shiny locks, but also that familiar limp wrist we all associate with wet nails needing not to touch anything. Oh hooray, a manicure beckons.
In I dashed, latte in hand, without hesitation to book myself in. I thought it would be wise to have manicure first and then I could spy in more detail at what was going on in the hairdresser section. Oh heaven, they had had a cancellation and could fit me in in 10 minutes.
Well, it was great, a perfectly acceptable manicure, though I insisted on using my own varnish (I always carry a bottle of my favourite Chanel Pink Rose with me, incase of emergencies), as I wasn't keen on any of their limited colours. The manicurist was pleasant, and it transpires she is a fully trained beautician and does facials, waxing etc.. Simply marvelous. We chatted about all the various agricultural shows coming up, and which were the ones to visit and those to give a miss.
Then it was time to pay, no great surprises here, the cost was about the same as in London, fair enough, and then I asked whether it was possible to make a Standing appointment. "Oh no madam, I'm afraid we only do all our appointments sitting down"!

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