Saturday, 29 August 2009

Ben Fogle to the rescue - Indirectly!

I had reached a critical point on the accessory front. All my treasured handbags from, Celine, Vuitton, Hermes (just the one), Anya, Gucci, Prada, Miu Miu, Pierre Hardy, Bottega - ok, I'd better stop that list right now, but you get the picture, are just not working here. They are either the wrong shape or wrong size or wrong colour or wrong occasion - just wrong, wrong, wrong. So being resourceful I googled country handbags, this was completely useless and I spent hours looking at saddle bags which was not what I had in mind.

I have recently been to several country fairs, which I hoped would inspire me, but again it was a false hope, as all the women here seem to only possess jute, organic, recycled bags, you know the sort you get from your local butcher or if in London your local Waistrose, and absolutely no good for me. I was beginning to get a little downhearted and was giving my Vuitton Neverfull a bit of a bashing when I chanced upon the perfect item. Hooooray I cried as I gazed through the window of a lovely little boutique I found in a very nearby town. Incidentally parking is 30p for 2 hours - bargain. Back to the bag I hear you shout. I walked in and rather than dive straight for it I took my time, glancing at the spectacular selection and variety of things on offer in this Aladdin's Cave. Home wares mingle in harmony with some tasteful knitwear, candles sit side by side with silk blouses and scented soaps peek out from shoe stands. All very clever, but where are the handbags? I never like to appear keen in shops and was about to approach the perfect and pert sales assistant for help when I saw them, nestled between some suede boots and brightly coloured cashmere jackets.

I sidled over and began to fondle the fabric, hmmmm some sort of heavyweight linen with leather handles, I was enjoying this. The moment of truth - how much - well I was pleasantly surprised and not overwhelmed with the urge to run out and get a night job to pay for this little gem. I needed to know more about these bags, who, what where did they come from. Shock and awe - they emanate indirectly from BEN FOGLE, that explorer chap on the telly. When I say indirectly, what I mean is, his very clever sister TAMARA FOGLE makes them and they are completely gorgeous, and I have fallen in love with all of them, but do feel a particular pull towards the Vintage Hungarian Linen one. So thank you Fogle clan for saving me from hangbag hell and introducing me to the deep pleasures of linen. Do take a look at Tamara Loves Leather.

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So funny - love it xx


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