Monday, 28 June 2010

Beach Babe

I have been so slack recently and I really shouldn't have been, as I have so much to do before the end of term when my small herd of 3 growing chaps will descend upon me demanding 3 meals a day plus copious snacks, as well as some entertainment for 9 weeks until they return to school in September.

There are some valid reasons for my being so slow off the mark. Firstly my new fancy pants smart phone has needed some fine tuning and has had to be reset twice, but at last it seems to have settled down, particularly as I have worked out how to switch the mobile tweet alerts off, so I am no longer receiving fifty bleeps an hour and am back on to my moderate number. Secondly, the weather being so hot and delightful, I have found myself heading off in the direction to several fabulous beaches some easily reachable within 35 minutes, when really I should have been preparing for other things, such as the two parties I am hosting this week, the picnic required for middle chaps sports day, deciding what to wear for the sports day, speech day, and the parties and choosing end of term gifts for the magical teachers of smallest chap. Last but not least I also need to ensure the guest suite has sufficient towels, and matching linen for the several guests that we are expecting very soon.

So I should be getting a little hot under the collar at the thought of all the things I haven't done because I have been laying on a sun lounger on the white sand at Sandbanks beach, with my sun hat, swimsuit and plenty of sunblock. I must say right here, right now, that I seldom panic as I know it is futile, and calmness means errors will not be made. I simply made my lists while laying on my sunlounger and made some calls on my new phone after I'd found what I needed through the various apps I'd downloaded and a little local knowledge, so all is well the caterers and staff have been confirmed, the wine and champagne ordered, flowers will be arriving very soon, teachers gifts are winging their way here by DHL and I can now see that I can run my mini kingdom with a few swift clicks of some confirmation buttons, on my clever little phone.
All I need to do now is turn up and look gorgeous, and with my sunkissed skin and hair, that shouldn't be too difficult.


Sarcastic Bastard said...

You are so fortunate to be so near the ocean. Glad you are getting some relaxation time in.



Wildernesschic said...

I have to agree, as our river is revealing its bottom as its so dry, I long to be by the sea... I find myself surfing "rightmove" at beach pads.. that will never be more than a dream. Enjoy :) xx

Couture Carrie said...

Welcome back, darling!
Gorgeous post!


knk said...

lovely beach post looks amazing

Tights Lover said...

Sounds wonderful. I could really use a trip to the beach myself, right about now!

♥ joei said...

i love the beach! glad you to see you got some tan ;)

☆ definitely, maybe.

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

I LOVE this. "Calmness means errors will not be made" is one of my mottos and I never get tired of repeating it to people who don't believe me, including my mom - she's always in a hurry, always busy, always almost panicy and I've nevre seen it get her far... Yet she still doens't believe me lol But I am thankful that watching her made me ralize how far calmness can really take you!! And thanks to you for yet another confirmation in the form of your beautiful post!

la mujer libre said...

This is surely a spoof blog. Nobody really speaks like this, do they? Nobody really refers to themselves in the 3rd person and with such obvious sponsorship intent.


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