Friday, 23 October 2009

Fun and Games in The Kitchen

We have recently had a pretty packed house here, and at times, I have felt as if I am running a small and efficient B&B, for Londoners wishing to enjoy some country air, and teenage boys looking for a bed to crash in and copious amounts of filling food to cram into their ever open mouths.

I adore having friends to stay and enjoy preparing for their arrival. I have a finely tuned routine to ensure every comfort is considered and each guest feels all their needs are catered for. Firstly I deal with the guest suite, making sure the beds have newly laundered linen, all crisp and fresh smelling. Delicately scented flowers, and an array of magazines to suit all tastes! Soft and fluffy large towels, none of those teeny ones that just about cover your assets. Several divine soaps, shampoos, and oils to soak in or if a shower is more your thing, some delicious fragrant shower gels, Jo Malone or Miller Harris, naturally.

Once I am satisfied with my work in the boudoir, I then begin the real domestic goddess part, in fact, this is my favourite bit. The Food. Oh my goodness, this is where I can really go to town and hone my cooking skills to perfection. This is where (I won't be my normal modest self here) I shine, frankly speaking, and I'm not afraid to say so. I can spend days preparing, beginning with the menu (you know how I love a list), then the shopping and choosing of produce from the fabulous host of gourmet outlets here, which often involves some tasting, and slurping of goods on offer. Then I set to work creating gastronomic ecstasy, total pleasure for the taste buds.

The guests arrive, and are warmly greeted by the dog and are given a tour by the eager kids, settled into their rooms (which I'm thinking of naming after previous owners for ease - that will be The Dashwood Suite, or The Charrington Rooms), and after all that activity are settled into a comfortable chair and given a strong drink, before dinner.

Now, I don't know about you, but I prefer canapes to hors d'oeuvres myself, as although they could be considered quite formal I find the opposite, as food is passed around for people to share, and as we are not seated at the dining table, this allows for free movement to chat to the other guests of choice. Nothing over the top you understand, just a little mouthful of smoked salmon, or my distinctive smoked trout terrine or even (if feeling the need for hearty sustenance) my out of this world sausage rolls (I have references from a Mr Anderson on these).

Dinner is served. This always runs smoothly, as I have timed all parts to perfection, and everything is ready exactly when it needs to be. My guests are all happy where they are seated and nothing gives me any more delight than seeing them all tuck in with gusto. Wines are chosen by handsome husband and he always gets it spot on and they blend rather than interupting the flavours of my beautifully cooked food.

However, I have been aware of a small problem, I suppose you might call it a wardrobe malfunction. Ofcourse I like to dress appropriately for dinner, and always like to maintain a polished appearance, but this has been somewhat thwarted by my very basic apron, which just wasn't adding anything to my look. So I remedied this with a little retail research to find an apron fit for a woman of taste, and I have come up trumps and now I am Miss Glamourous in the kitchen, with a vast confectionery of aprons to choose from, and handsome husband thought they were so sexy he made a suggestion which made me blush the same colour as my strawberry moose! Now you too can get some kitchen action by checking out Haute Hostess Aprons and if you are feeling really outrageous The Modern Courtesan - enjoy!!

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