Monday, 18 May 2009

A Bit of a Pong

There are numerous advantages to living in an old Grade II listed house in the country, space, privacy from small demanding people (kids), somewhere warm for the dog to lounge without being moved on, rooms for guests to stay in, spare bathrooms, pantry, boot room, large log fires, lead windows, huge garden to roam around in (look out for the dog poo). There is, naturally, the odd disadvantage, just for the sake of balancing up the ying and yang elements, afterall we can't be too perfect (well not all of us).

Some of the problems encountered so far have been, leaky lead windows (not everywhere I hasten to add), a bit draughty in certain areas (need to find some stylish draught excluders), and most unpleasantly there is, sometimes, a faint pong, a strange dusky, musky, pungent aroma that hits the nasal senses from time to time, and this waft is not coming from the dog. Handsome husband thought adding some sisal rugs would help, and it did in certain passages, however there is still definitely a lingering pong in a couple of the rooms. So being the intrepid little explorer I am, I have hotfotted around the county in search of the perfect room scents. Now let me be quite clear here, I absolutely hate those stinky spray thingys that get squirted around the place, they are a quick fix, and don't last the course, like chocolate at 4pm, and they hit you straight up the snout and down the chest, and leave me gasping for breath (and I don't suffer from asthma) and eyes watering. No, no, I mean those gorgeously, heavenly scented candles, and they work. They definitely do the trick, and I have become quite addicted. Now this is proving a financial problem, as these little glass burning lovelies can be quite pricey, and I had gone down the predictable route of Jo Malone, Diptyque, Molton Brown even Space NK, and handsome husband was beginning to protest at the necessity for such expensive smellies.

I needed to match the quality but not the price, and I do love a challenge, and I am happy to report, I have found two completely perfect alternatives allowing me to still induldge in some elegant nasal sensations. So Diptyque & Co eat your smelly hearts out, as there are some heavenly new kids on the candle block. Firstly the fabulous range from Canova, they cost around £12 (wow I hear you scream with joy) and come in 7 delicious fragrances, my favourites being 25/7 (gives you that extra hour in the day we all need), Brainwave (to give my grey matter an extra boost), and ofcourse Domestic Goddess (no need to comment on that one). The other range I have found is True Grace (made locally here) and equally well priced (though a little higher - but not much), and to be saved for guest visits. I adore these delights and their names tickle me too, these include Library, Log Fire and Seashore, I sit in my George Smith armchair, close my eyes and allow the heady aromas to take me on a delectable perfumed journey, I lay back and think of England.

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